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Evie Ascencio (Ascencio)
Year: (1973)

Updated: 7/19/2009
Last Visit: 9/6/2009

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Highland lakes, nj  

Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
Married HS sweetheart,hmm..That was Craig Phipps from Central.Marriage didnt last long.Craig passed away a few years ago.I have a Son Daryl and a beaty of a Granddaughter,Trinity Lynn Phipps! My pride and joy!
My family:
Mom and Dad moved to Florida years ago,my Father passed away last year.Stepmom lives in Az,still have a Brother and Sis in Mi. Sister Karen is a school teacher in Westland,Brother Jim works for Ford.Brother Gil in Georgia and Sister Mary (Shepard) lives in Fl near Mom and Dad(stepdad but i really dont like that word!)As for me I have been in north Jersey for 20 years!
Life experiences:
Where do I begin? I got clean and sober in 88 and that was MAJOR! The beginning of the change,although life is ever changing, I am living it with great gratitude, loving it even when its tough, nothing is tougher than living in addiction! By the Grace of God, I am blessed daily.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Holy crap! You want me to remember then? I would have to think about that for awhile!
My favorite things now:
Stop, get quiet, and look around at the blessings! There have been plenty! I enjoy spending time at home, thats a biggy for me, ran from all emotions for so long it was hard to be still. Spending time with my grandaughter Trinity, concerts, nascar, going to the city(NYC), down the shore, work, meetings, helping others and last but not least, spending time with Rick,(other half)even when its just to sit outside and have a cup of coffee after work.
My favorite books, movies and music:
books? Anything by Grishom,Nora Roberts, The Big Book and 12 & 12,(they saved my life). Movies, havent been in awhile, I have this problem with relaxing in a dark room, I tend to fall asleep! Music, The Dead(even tho hes dead). Dark Star Orchestra lets me relive them tho, they take a show from early days and play song for song, then all the deadheads try to figure out what show it was before the end. If you like the Dead, look up Dark Star Orchestra, one show and you will be very pleased!I like a wide variety of music, but the Dead always take the first spot.
I work at:
Stop & Shop Supermarket, Assistant Mgr
My website:

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