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Walled Lake Western High School Alumni

Brian Rohde
Year: (1995)

Updated: 8/19/2007
Last Visit: 9/21/2007

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Things I've been doing lately:
Well sadly I haven't done a whole lot since school. Mainly I partied for a few years before realizing it was a total waste of time. Now I've settled down, gotten married and have a family.
My family:
I married my best friend (cheesy I know), April in July of 2003. We have a beautiful daughter named Alexis who just turned 5 in July. We also had our son, Evan in April of 2007.
Life experiences:
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
My favorite things now:
Pretty much if I'm not working, which is rare, I hang out at home with the family. Usually I can be found either watching a baseball game or playing video games.
My favorite books, movies and music:
I work at:
Coinstar Entertainment Group
My website:

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