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Walled Lake Western High School Alumni

Jessica Worrall
Year: (1996)

Updated: 9/5/2007
Last Visit: 9/5/2007

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Berkley, mi  

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Things I've been doing lately:
Working! After high school I went to college. We never were a rich family so it took me a while to get my degree. While going to school and working I lost my mother suddenly. It was very hard on me but it gave me the drive to get my life on track and fast. I finished my degree and enrolled in the police academy. from there I was hired by a small department on the east side and was promptly put through the Fire academy. I'm now a police officer and a firefighter.
My family:
My family is small but they're my life. I don't have any kids yet but we're planning on them in the near future.
Life experiences:
Well I guess when we became home owners. My mother died never owning a thing in her life because all of her time and money went to supporting 2 kids. I guess I thought I was destined for apartment living. I love my house and it's the perfect cure for those of us with self diagnosed ADD.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
anything that had to do with not being there I supposse.
My favorite things now:
Well my favorite pass time is crusing on my motorcycle. My honey and I will get on the bike and cruise for hours. It's relaxing and my way of separating myself from every day life. I still play my guitars from time to time but who has time in a day for that kind of stuff
My favorite books, movies and music:
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