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Walled Lake Western High School Alumni

Allen Green III
Year: (1978)

Updated: 1/26/2011
Last Visit: 5/28/2013

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11309 Oakhill Rd.
Davisburg, Mi  48350
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Things I've been doing lately:
I've been working for chrysler corp for the past 19years.Very active in baseball and softball high school offical.Also coaching same sports inculding soccer both boys and girls.
My family:
My first wife and I devoriced in 1988 and I raised my 2daughts and son for 5 years till I remarried,My second wife just recently past away from kidney cancer.My stepdaughter Krista works for a law firm in sterling hights.Leigh works for a couple of group homes and is going to Baker college.Jake graduated from Seina Heights Univ. he recieved a Bachelor degree and now is a police officer.and my youngest daughter Katie graduated from Ferris State Univ. with a Bachelor Degree and also works or a sheriff dept.
Life experiences:
Being able to raise my children,be involved with sports coaching and at the college level traveling with them and my son working for the Detroit Tigers org. the season they won the world series.Being involved and signing the local union contract when the company went back to chrysler in 2007.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Playing football,wrestling and going to the southwest voc. center for diesel mech. classes.
My favorite things now:
Camping,fishing,snowmobiling.Being involved with the UAW as a Union Steward.
My favorite books, movies and music:
I work at:
Chrysler Corp.World Headquaters
My website:

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