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Walled Lake Western High School Alumni

Vicki Fossmeyer (Fielden)
Year: (1975)

Updated: 1/5/2011
Last Visit: 3/17/2011

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San Diego, CA  

Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
I have worked at San Diego State University for 28 years, right now as an academic advisor. Since furloughs began in CA, I also work oncall at Macy's.
My family:
I have two sons. One is a musician. The youngest just finished his senior year playing football, tearing out his left ACL. Surgery and physical therapy. Bummer for him. College coming up for him.
Life experiences:
Spend 4 years in the Army. Was the best and worst time of my life. Best because I got sent to Hawaii. Then became a Christian. Skydiving, snorkeling, etc. Couldn't surf ever. It was also the worst because I had to do what I was told and wear green. I finally earned a bachelor's degree from SDSU in Business Administration (Marketing) and a Master's in Arts and Sciences. I love raising my kids.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
High school wasn't really all that great. Since my family moved away, I only went back for a funeral. But I liked playing volleyball. That experience allowed me to play for the Army in Hawaii. I liked Mr. Zerban in choir. Also, driving to Florida with Laura VanderRoest. Lucky we didn't die. My kids will never know. Can you believe that we had a sitin to demand a smoking lounge?
My favorite things now:
Watch my kids do well in life. Take naps. Read history/biographies.
My favorite books, movies and music:
My son just bought me an IPOD. What I wouldn't have done for one of these in 1970's. I love to read history, take kickboxing and zumba classes at 24 hr fitness, hike the local mountains, and laugh at people stuck in the snow. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Still can't surf. Water is cold here.
I work at:
SDSU. Go Aztecs!
My website:

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