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Walled Lake Western High School - Directory

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Name Current NameLocation


Cunning, Susan Boyne Falls MI
Hall, Cene
Jensen, Mark
Jensen, Mark


Ancick, Matthew (Matthew Ancick)
Barry, A.
Bilas, Bernadette (Bernadette Gonzales)
Bradley, Barbara (Barbara Barnes) commerce Mi
Buck, Joe
Clay, Barry
Covert, Lisa (Lisa mcclenithan)
Delaney, Mike DEARBORN HTS. MI
Duvall, Sheri (Sheri Duvall) Monroe MI
Egbert, Brenda (Brenda Beckett) Royal Oak MI
Hercula, Sherry (Sherry Kidd)
Hercula, Sheryl (Sheryl Kidd) Madison Heights MI
Hoffman, Catherine (candy) (Catherine (candy) McGregor)
Hood, Darnelle (Darnelle phillips) patterson ca
Hunt, Steve (Steve Hunt)
Jacobs, Gym
Jones, Kimberly (Kimberly Taylor) Westland MI
Kemper, Robyn
La Motte, Jackie (Jackie Pappas)
LaPlante, Mark
Mash, Paul (Paul Mash)
McEvoy, Chellie (Chellie Francis)
Mickelson, Gary punta gorda FL
Nogueira, Celso (Celso nogueira) Porto Alegre RS
Paige, Thomas Sylvan Lake Mi
Pickard, Helen(Peg) (Helen(Peg) Netchey) Gladstone MI
Rogers, Brenda (Brenda McCluskey)
Schell, Kurt (Kurt Schell)
Spain, Dan
Stinson, Karen

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