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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Kirk Crossley (July 2013)
--Troy Dean (1985)
Car Accident
--Shirley Kornatowski (2007)
--Gil Pate (May 2012)
Gil died in Chicago, IL in May of 2012 while waiting for a Liver Transplant as a he had Hepatits as a result of a tainted blood transfusion rec'd when he had open heart surgery at the age of 17...
--Bruce Pate (August 7, 2004)
Bruce died at the age of 50 from a massive heart attack at home.
--Michael Whelan
He is missed.
--Susan Young
Not sure when she passed, tragic death

1998 WLC
--Valerie Thurston Muncy (June 9 2006)
Died from a rare lung disease dearly missed

--Sherry White (Yates) (2013)
Died in her sleep

--Bob Dertinger (10/9/2012)

--Michael Crawford (January 2013)
--Tom Dertinger (1/10/1986)

--Orville Banks (Feb. 21, 2011)
Orville passed in Feb from Cancer.

--Michael Dertinger (12/17/2008)
Walled Lake Central

--Bettie York Brewer (1987)

--James Lahti
Died in Vietnam
--Art Stokus

--Robert Kirby (1994)
died from lung cancer

--Steve Bell (2011)
--LDary Combs (December 2011)
--Gary Connelly (2009)
Gary lost his life to cancer.
--Douglas Cox
--Marie Curtis (August 10, 2010)
Marie had a long fight with cancer.
--Mark Dienes (Oct. 11, 1995)
Died in a tragic motorcycle accident.
--Barbara Dudley
--Lee Eggericks (1969)
Lee lost his life to the war in Vietnam.
--Bernadette Generous (1995)
Bernadette had a rare illness.
--Paula Hargraves (2009)
--Nancy Harris
--Gary Hartman (1972)
Gary lost his life to Leukemia.
--Marcella Hatfield
--Mike Ike
--Diane Kniseley (1997)
--Art Lambiris
--Dennis Mahle (2003)
--Jim Marantette
--John Nadolni (1987)
--Charles R. O'Brien
--Charles H. Olson (1987)
--Kurt Oswald (Spring 2004)
--Mike Pace (Spring 2008)
--Kathleen S. Pelto
--Anne Persson (2012)
--Marilyn Phillips (1997)
--Charleen Ray (2004)
Charleen lost her life to cancer.
--Fletcher Stephens
--Larry Stevens (1990)
Crazy Larry or " Hoss "
--Tim L. Watkins (2009)
--Richard Wells

--Sharon Bigger (Feb. 2012)
Sharon lost her life to cancer.
--Michael C. Klavitter (July 12, 2009)
--David Provins (1992)
My oldest Brother. I moved out here to CA to take care of him before he passed. Left WAY too soon... I still miss him terribly.
--Benjamin St. Aubin (7-3-2006)
My father went to both western & central. He was a lover of life & brought happiness to many. He passed away from pancreatic cancer shortly after his 55th birthday.
--David Wohletz (1997)
David died of an aneurism. David was a loving brother and friend and we miss him dearly.

1969 WLC
--David Zavitz (1992)

--Adrian Arnold (1987)
--Russ Brown (2009)
Russ died of a heart attack.
--Les Cooper (2005)
Died of a heart attack.
--Curt Curtis (1991)
WLC Died of diabetes. Sister of Cathy Curtis
--Michael Degner
Sister Denise (Degner)Whitehead told me about his passing.
--Tony Dirette (2006)
Agent Orange Complications
--Mark Fitzgerald (2013)
--Roger Guerin
--Michael Klavitter (7-12-2009)
--Albert Kornatowski (before 1980)
Killed by a train in Wixom, MI
--Glorianne Kupovitz (2005-6?)
Lived well, loved great, honored family and friends above all else. Greatly missed. Died after a long battle with MS. Leaves behind Husband Eric Mitchell, and daughters, Elizabeth Ann, Erica and Emily.
--James Potter (5-31-2007)
Safely missed by all who knew him
--Doug Splan (1990's)
--Kenneth Van Schoick (1975)
He was killed sometime in1975 coming home from a skiing accident with Rich Giordano. Rich survived
--James Edward Potter Walled lake Western High (5/31/07)
will be forever loved.
--KEN WALTERS (1972)
--Henry Lawrence (Larry) West (March 3, 2005)
Married Cheryl Troutman WLW class of '72 in 1973. Passed away after a prolonged illness.
--Mark Wohletz
Loving brother and friend
--John Wright (2004)
Died of a heart attack while living in Canada.
--Ann Yager (September 27, 2009)
Her motto was always "I will bloom where I am planted". Assisted special education children for 20 years, wife for 32 years, and favorite aunt and daughter. She left us much too soon.

--Michael Ferpes (1/5/1992)
Self inflicted. Great dad to 3 daughters and 2 sons. Now has 12 grandchildren. Sadly missed every single day.

--Thomas Compton (July 24, 2006)
Was a Walled Lake resident.
--Lorelei (Lorie) Crawford (12-21-2009)
Lori was a celebrated oboeist & arts activist. She renovated a Victorian home in Toledo, Ohio and ran a bed & breakfast and several successful series of home tours. She died after a long illness & is greatly missed by all who knew her.
--Denise Dykstra (april 11,2008)
Denise would have graduated in 1971 but didn't later on in years she did finally graduate. She recently passed away of a heart attack. She leaves behind many friends and one young son, Arthur who graduates this year.
--Bill Evans (2007)
A good friend who is dearly missed
--Michael Ferpes (1/05/92)
greatly missed by family and friends
--Frank Fleming (10/10/1975)
Frank lost his battle to bone cancer after a long fight, Frank became a ordained priest for the church of later day saints.
--Cecil Gross (2013)
--Jimm Moyski (?)
Not sure which year.
--James (jeep) Potter (5/31/2007)
Loved by many
--Sammey Stamper (2008)
sam died of aids
--Michael Stanley (1/21/1991)
Had a brain aneurysm. His sister still owns Jay's Dairy Queen in Walled Lake.
--Terry Sterling (November 29,2010)
--Debra Wallace (2/14/2009)

--Kenneth Walters (9/20/72)
ken and lester flemming were in a car accident on maple road lester survived with major life long dissabilities. ken was also known as the "mighty moses"

--John Wamble (1990's)

--David Buchanan (Sept. 30, 1994)
--Donna Dawson (2005)
Donna was living in Houghton Lake @ her passing from cancer. Great friend.
--Timothy Haar (1980)
died of heart attack
--Paula Harju (2010)
Paula died after a long battle with cancer.
--Donald Hooper
--Joanne Lagace
--VIcky Leaser (1998)
--Daniel 'Danny' Loviska (July 8, 2008)
Of Alanson, passed away Tuesday, at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital.
--Bruce Pate (2005)
Died at home.
--Thomas Rapp (Spring of 1973)
Army Accident
--Terry Reese (2004)
Heart attack
--Michael Stevens (Feb. 23, 2003)
Died much too soon of a heart attack. left behind son and daughter and wife in Snover MI. Brother Rick (75) lives in North Branch.
--Debbie Yoder (1978)
A sweet soul, died due to leukemia, shortly after giving birth to her first child

--Susan Brown (Dufresne) (1998 or 1999)
--Larry Burcham (summer 2006)
Larry had a stroke at a texas truckstop while sleeping in his cab,he was found four days after his family and employer reported that he was missing.Larry was an owner operator truck driver.He lived SC,was survived by his wife,two children and two grandghildren.
--Rick Calahan (4/6/05)
--Cory Chambers
Killed when an engine fell on him.
--Stacy Childs (Oct 14, 2007)
--Denise Degner (9/2/2009)
Arrangements-Funeral mass St Williams Catholic Church 531 Common St Walled Lk Tuesday 10AM (In State 9:30AM) Interment Ooakland Hils Memorial Gardens Novi.Friends may visit Lynch and Sons Funeral Home 340 Pontiac Trail Walled LakeSunday 5-9 Monday 2-9
--Julie Fagerlie (April 19, 2011)
--Randy Fouty (2013)
Made many poor choices, but had a big heart and some good friends. Continued to smoke cigarettes, even with COPD. His lungs collapsed, hit his inhaler too many times and provoked a heart attack.
--Lynne Gearardo (2012)
Married to Rusty Steele for 38 years. Had two sons Adam & Aaron Steele.
--Larry Gilliham (1987)
--Paul Hagebock
Complication of a car accident
--Roger Hunter (10-8-2013)
--Faye Johnson (10/8/1975)
Killed by a drunk driver.
--DeGrandchamp Larry (September 18, 2007)
Died of cancer at age 53 in Walled Lake. Beloved husband of 21 years to Diane. Loving father of James Henry (Angela) Strong, Benjamin Strong, Sean (Jessica) Strong and Crystal (Nate) Opalko. Grandfather of Joshua, Morgan and Linley. Brother of Carl (Chris) DeGrandchamp, Kris (Barb) DeGrandchamp, and Karen (Jerry) Stevens. Also numerous nieces, nephews and close friends.
--Bill Michaels (6/15/2005)
--Tim (Peb) Michelich (1980's)
--David Pape (2004)
--Mary Phelps (2012)
R.I.P. Mary Phelps Combs - 1954 ~ 2012
--Michelle Priescorn
Died in a car accident while on her way to a class reunion.
--Brad Reimer (10/1984)
Died of lung cancer, buried at Oakland Hills Cemetary.
--Patricia Rozenbloom (12/24/003)
Died suddenly of Brain Aneurysm
--Bill Rutkowski (2010)
Bill passed from brain cancer. Another good friend taken before his time. Loved like a brother. Bill, you'll always be remembered by me. Ralph
--John Schoenfeld (October 20, 2005)
A very generous soul - passed away of a brain hemmorage. Sorely missed by all who knew him.
--Mike Scourtes
--Susan Snapp (11-14-09)
Susan "BO" passed away from cancer.
--Barry (Silver) Thompson (6/1/1984)
Military accident-Mike was the pilot of the helicopter when it crashed off the coast of California.
--Russel (Russ) Thompson (July 5, 2007)
--Denise Whitehead (Degner) (September 2, 2009 )
Denise passed away after a hard battle with cancer. She will be missed. Memorials to the American Cancer Society appreciated.
--Art Wozniak (Mid '80's)
Struck by lightning while fishing
--Richard Wright (2006)
Pancreatic cancer.

--Ron Childs (July 19, 2007)
Ron was living in Harrison, MI. Diagnosed with rare form of leukemia end of June. He still had his sense of humor to the end. Said tell everybody "I'll miss them."
--Cliff Frankenstien
Hit by car while changing drivers on hiway.
--Debbie Goscicki (1970)
--David Grawberg (1988)
--PAUL (JAY) HAGEBOCK (1998\1999)
--David Herrington
David was a neighbor and friend and dearly missed.
--Vasko (aka Vasco) James (Jan 8, ??)
Accidental death
--Diana Justice (2009)
Di passed after A long battle with cancer.
--Doug Kirk (1980's)
Car accident
--Bruce Mandeville (June 1999)
--John Moreland (1/17/07)
JT passed away after fighting throat cancer. He will be missed by all.
--Cynthia Morgan (January 2002)
--Bob Van Velzor (2/18/04)
Kidney failure

1974 0r 75
--Jamie Myers (2001)

--Mark Antaya (March 2007)
--Victor Bridgers (2013, August I think)
He is missed
--Maurice Briggs (1998)
Husband to Patti (Whitson) Father to Douglas, Danielle, Andrew and Adam. Brother to Carol, Cheryl, Connie, Chris, Charlotte, and Walter.
--Terry Cotter
All I know is that Terry was living in California when he died. I miss him terribly and wish I could have seen him one more time . . .
--Michael Drews (3/17/2001)
We miss him very much. Suzanne Drews Giddings WLW 1981
--Mike Drews (March 2000)
--Peter Gerbenskky (3/2/12)
He is missed.
--Pete Gerbensky (March 2012)
Best friend to everyone !
--Pete Gerbinsky (March 2012)
Pete will be missed by the entire class of 1975 !
--Chuck Guerin
--Lisa Herring (Before 1980)
--Kevin Jacota (Before 1980)
--Lafkiotes James (91 or 92)
Died of heart complications
--David Jolly
He is missed.
--Cloutier Keith (11/4/04)
--Kathleen Lewis (November 2004)
--Fouty Mickey (2011)
Many complications from smoking, and other chronic health problems. Severity of his illness took over after losing his only son Byron Fouty to the war in Afghanistan in 2010. Byron's body parts were found almost 1.5 years after he and 2 other soldiers disappeared.
--Ron Moss (6/8/2008 )
Lost a long battle with cancer. Loved and dearly missed!!!
--Ron Napier (2003)
Fell asleep at the wheel
--Thomas Parsons (2003)
--Stephanie Przedwojewski (before 2011)
She is missed.
--James Rehnlund (2012)
He is missed.
--Jim Rehnlund (Sept 2011)
His daughter keeps his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ripjimmy.rehnlund
--Laurie Rossier (75-76)
--Allen Ruediselli (2006)
OD-great guy most of the time
--Sheryl Schnueringer (january 2009)
cheryl was a well liked person and will be highly missed by all who knew her.
--Eric Schwarz (1997)
--David Stevens (Before 1960)
--Mary Taylor (Nov. 2002)
--Michael Tillman (before 1980)
--Bruce West
--Martin (Marty) Wilkinson (1983)
--Wright William Jeffrey (4/21/2006)
Was living in Ft. Worth TX at the time
--Jeff Wright (April 2006)
Brother of Claudia Wright and I miss him very much

--Brad Baker (2007)
--Bradley Baker (2008)
Died in his sleep
--Dan Billo
--Ken Bohn (2009)
loving friend and brother .cancer took him.
--Kirk Boukaert (April 10, 2002)
Pancreatic Cancer
--Michael E. Burcham (July 1989)
Loving husband and father.
--Bill Carr (2013)
health complications
--Bill Centre
Car Crash
--Brenda Dingee (2013)
--Tracie Grawberg (1983)
Tracie died in a motorcycle accident in Southern California leaving behind a 7 year old son.
--Rex Haworth (May 27,2011)
Throat Cancer-outdoorsman and used to run Dicks bait shop.
--Rex Haworth Jr (May 27, 2011)
from throat cancer-outdoorsman and past manager of Dicks Bait
--Brad Houtz (2005)
--Lisa Jardine (2003)
Died suddenly of a brain aneurysm
--Dale Kopke (1998)
--Linda Linkhorn (9/21/87)
--Paul Macfarlane (1989)
industrial accident
--Jamie Mather (Feb 14,2001)
--John Matheson (89 OR 99)
John passed away at age 32 from cancer
--Don Mick (Late 90's)
--Susan A Mottor (11-27-1982)
My sister, Susan was a victim of an auto-train accident in the early hours in the morning. Besides her siblings, and parents she left behing two daughters: Heather Lynn Smith and Theresa Ann Smith.
--Teri Naragon (1983)
Car accident.
--Erik Oswald (Dont know exact date)
Erik died from Complications after surgery
--Peggy Posner (Fall 1975)
--Debbie Settle (2/24/11)
--Paul Shultz
--David (Dave) Stevens (76 or 77)
He was going to Ferris College at the time. He was hit by a car hitch hiking home for the weekend. He is survived by his twin Don.
--Jim Tangney
--Valerie Warfel (4/29/1987)
--Steve Webber (Fall 2003)

1976 ?
--Ron Hughs Walled lk. western (2010)

--Leigh Barber
--Rick Baxter (March, 2011)
Died of illness.
--Tammy Belleperche (Aug 7, 2001)

--Bob Blair (2001?)
Died while driving. Around 2002
--Jeffrey Campion (1981)
--John Centre (2001 apx)
John died while swimming in calm waters off the Kona Coast of Hawaii.
--Robert 'Rob' Conley (10/22/2007)
From his wife...."He was killed at Ford Wayne Assembly Plant. We were married for 19 years 5 months and had 3 girls ages 16,14 and 7. He was a great husband, father, son and friend."
--Rick Connelly (?)
Hi, I actually was trying to find my old friend Tim Derum. And saw this name on his page. Mind if I ask what happened, or when. We were actually best friends as kids. Thanks, Rick Connelly. I used to live on Hollingsworth in Walled Lake. rickc007@hotmail.com
--Tim Derum
graduated 1977,Crestwood High, Roswell, GA
--Michael Fitzpatrick (1978?)
--Debbie Grant/Field/Martin ('90 or '91)
--Keith Hartwig (1975?)
--Dale Herbert (80's)
Hunting accident
--William Jolliff (1980's)
--Timothy Jones
Tim was working for the U.S. Airforce in Japan. He was riding his bike and was hit by a car. He lingered for 18 months, finally dying of a brain infection.
--Linda Kohler (1979)
--Jody Lampinen (2006)
Passed away of cancer
--Kim Madion (1/9/2012)
--Kathy Morris (1995?)
--Doug Morris (4/17/2006)
--Dave Muszynski (shortly after 1977)
--Sally O'Brien ('78 or '79)
--Jan Phillips (11/5/1976)
She died her senior year in November 1976. She was murdered.
--Bruce 'Butch' Rasmussen (7/7/1983)
--Jamie Sasser (July 26, 2006)
He and his brother Steve were in a car accident in 1978. Jamie was paralized from the waist as a result.
--Dan Snook
--Brett Tate (?)
--Bruce West (2012)
you will never be forgotten grrrrr!
--Dave Yacobelli
--Richard 'Rick' Young (March 23 2006)
--Geno Zayid (January 2, 2010)
Geno passed away at home. He was a noted lawyer and friend to many.

1977 or 1978
--Ron Moss (2008)
died at home from cancer

--Jeri Belbaugh (2008 or 2009)
Beloved friend and mother.
--Frank Dunaway (1980)
in loving memory of my brother he died in a car crash suffered serious head injuries he is deeply messed
--Clayton Edmonds (2010)
Heart Attack
--Denise Josephson (2007)
died of a massive stroke
--Nancy Kelly
--Ron Moss
Think he graduated in '78
--James 'Jimbo' Pickard (January 29, 2007)
--Jeff Reno
--Chuck Senior (9-23-07)
lost a 3 1/2 year battle with cancer
--Cris Sikkila (5/17/2012)
Hit by a car while riding a bike. He was a great man, loving father and the best brother!
--Pat Suhy (1990's ?)
--Richard Lewis Yates Jr (Oct, 30,2005)
My bestie passed away after a 2 1/2 year battle with Leukemia. He is missed by many, as he was good soul and a loving husband to Sherry White Yates.R.I.P my friend.
--Richard L. Yates, Jr. (10/30/2005)

1978 or 79
--Joanne Harrison (May, 22 1999)
Loving mother and grandmother who is dearly missed.

--Danielle Belleperche (Nov 12, 1998)
Danielle BELLEPERCHE Birth Date: 17 May 1961 Death Date: 12 Nov 1998
--Kevin Breakey (Sept 13, 1982 )
--Mary Crawford
--Mike Curl (2006)
--Becky Flick (?)
--David Foust (July 2004)
heart attack
--Lisa Johnson (2011)
Beloved sister and daughter. Left this life too early. You are lovingly missed.
--Jimmy Munger
--Roger Overall (July 23, 2008)
Roger had a tree trimming and removal business. He was 60 feet up in a tree when he fell to his death. He is survived by his wife Tammy (Nunn).
--Janet Potere-Bennett (7/23/11)
--Wendy Schuld ('99 or early '00)
She died of cancer in late 1999 or early 2000.
--Philip Spencer (01/2007)
--Shellie Squires (95 or 96)
--Mark Uranis (2010)
Cancer - The biggest RUSH fan I have ever known! RIP Mark

--Judy Antaya (8/9/2011)
Suddenly from a heart attack.
--Leonard Brown (6/16/2011)
--Chris Campion (1991??)
--John Demeter (in the 90's)
heart attack
--Mike Gilley
--Mitch Harper
--Karen Hobson (2012)
from a severe infection.
--Tom Hyde
--Sheila Johnson (Sept. 2013)
Sheila lost her battle with cancer just a few weeks before her 51st birthday (Sept.26th). (She discovered her cancer just a short while after losing BOTH of her parents to the dreaded disease. Her father died the day they buried her mother.) Tragic.
--Dona Shaw (2011)
--Dave Taylor (1992)
dearly missed by all of his friends, Died due to hiv complications
--Hyde Tom
--Vickie Waller (early 2000's)
either Multiple sclerosis, or Lou Gerigs disease
--Vicky Waller

--Linda Webb (2011)
Linda died 3 months after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer. She was a loving and dedicated friend, sister, daughter and Aunt. Sadly missed by all who knew her.


--Terry Bilkovsky (1984)
Motorcycle accident
--Sue Center (2003?)
--Joe Cohen (1991 or 1992)
--Joseph 'Joe' Cohen (1982)
--Allen Dumka (1982)
Found frozen to death behind the Bonaventure roller rink.
--Carlton 'Corky' Hackney (1990's)
--Mike Hunter
--Kelly Jones (5/29/2009)
Kelly died of heart failure in her sleep.
--John Karner (1993?)
Snow mobile accident
--Brian Karnes (2012)
Died from a long battle with cancer.
--Karl Knight (Sept 17th 2010)
Had a heart attack Rip Karl!! He leaves behind a son Kyle Knight age 14. And his wife Nancy Sawyer Knight they were married for 20yrs He is really missed by family and friends!!! He was a great Brother in law too!! Holli Sawyer Barry class of 1981 WLW
--Tina Mace
--Robert Mcdaniels
Heart attack
--Susan Mehrman (2011)
Snowmobile accident
--Don Moss (2005?)
Industrial accident
--Todd Robinson (?)
--Eric Seper
--Steve Stoddard (July 2010)
--Pat Sullivan (2007)
Known as Pete
--Lisa Marie Wintergerst (1982)
--Peggy Zavitz (12/30/2010)
Peggy passed away from complications of Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis RIP Peggy!! Her smiling face will be missed!!! Your classmate from Walled Lake Western class of 1981 Holli Sawyer Barry

--Pamela Barnes (July(?) 2005)
Pam and her boyfriend were murdered in their Waterford home. Police still do not have any leads as to who the killer is.
--Joseph Bauer (March 2011)
Heart attack from alcohol withdrawal seizures
--Michelle Boyle (jan. 2013)
Michelle died at her home in Greenville Indiana late January 2013. I Don't know the details. But I will miss her very much.I was searching the net to find her and found her obit just 2 months after she was gone. It absolutely broke my heart. Talking Heads "This must be the place". My good friend.
--Jeffrey 'Jeff' Alan Calvert (2004)
--Brian Cote
Brain Tumor
--Sam Delarosa
--Dan Eastman (03/2008)
--Kelly Fitzpatrick
Car accident
--Pat Golembiewski (2005 ?)
--Dave Ham (1982)
Died in a car accident on his way to school
--Susan Hoeft (2012)
Gone too soon
--Jini-Sue Hughes (2004)
Complications from flu virus
--Beth Kelley (06/2009)
unknown cause of death..leaving behind daughter, mom, dad, sister Ellen, brother Mike, proceeding in death her Husband Scott, and her Brother David (MIA-Panama)
--Beth Kelly (06/2009)
Unknow reasons yet to be determined cause of passing, leaves behind Her Daugther,mother and father, Brother Mike and Sister Ellen preceeded by Brother David
--Bob Lee (03/2006)
Massive Heart attack getting ready for work.
--Barb Lis
car accident
--Bobby McDaniels (1994/1995)
Heart attack
--Steve Musser (MIA)
And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying? There's no reason for it, you've gotta go sometime. If you can hear this whispering you are dying. I never said I was frightened of dying. (Wright) There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark. (Waters)
--Thomas A. Plessinger (Feb 10 2001)
We knew as Tony. Died in a snowmobile accident in Newberry Mi
--Brian Rodwell (1983)
Car accident
--Joe Sierotowicz (1994)
--Joey Sierotowicz (1994)
--Keith Stasser (1980 or 1981)
Taken by accident before his time & he deserves to be remembered. He rests in the North West corner of Walled Lake Cemetary on Ladd Rd.
--Denise Zientek
Died of complications from cystic fibrosis

--Ricky Banks (2012)
--Pam Bruckner (2009)
--Bobby Jakub (2012)
--Patty Kabanuk
--David Kelly (between 84 and 86)
disappeared while in the military in Panama declaired Missing in action and later dead buy the Army
--Steve Lee (03/17/2010)
Heart Attack in his sleep. Day before his 45th Birthday
--Kathy Mengyan (June 2002)
--Rob Morirson (August 27, 2000)
Brain anuerysm
--Brian Russell (2005)
Heart attack
--Ron Sheffield (2001)
Killd by a gunman at the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit in the days following the 9/11 attack. An american hero killed in the line of duty, protecting all of us.
--Ira (Sonny) Taylor
--Toni Taylor (April 2010)
--Oakley Watkins (2003)
--Kevin Wolf

--Rick Giesey (1990 ?)

--Mary Allen (1986)
Died in a car accident
--Edward L Cole (1993 OR 1994)
--Jimmy Coutu (January 31, 2010)
Jimmy died in a tragic motorcycle accident while living in Florida.
--Pat Karnes
--Scott Stoehr (10/01/98)
Son, brother,& husband. Scott was killed at 10:50 p.m. on October 1st, 1998 in Waterford Michigan. Riding his motorcycle, when an on coming Astro van hit him head on. He is dearly missed by his family...

--David Durbin (2008)
--Kirk Fix (2012)
--Chris Love
Died over seas doing missionary work.
--Sara Pantke (1987 or 1988)
--John Reynolds
Snowmobile accident.
--Toni Taylor (April, 2110)
--Skip Warden (1995?)
--Larry 'Skip' Worden

--Billy Gilley

--Dave Bridges
--Jeff Cell (2011)
--John M Hadden (March 31, 2008)
--John Hadden (March 31st, 2008)
John died suddenly in his sleep from a heart attack.
--Scott Jameson (Unsure-Late 80's)
He died of an accidental gun shot.
--Kim Riker (Oct 1992)
--Dannielle Wackerle (Dec 2012)
died in car accident in Va. she will be missed by family and friends.
--Danielle Wackerle (8 dec 2012)
killed in car accident. she will be missed.
--Lisa Woodhall (April 30 2007)
Infection of the Heart

1986 WLW
--Robert 'Frank' Sulla (2011)

--Steve Bolton (unknown)
Details unknown
--Kimberly Chappell (Unknown)
--Dean Ferguson (06/17/2001)
Dean passed away in his sleep from a heart failure. He is still missed.
--Jackie Finney Keating (June 9, 2006)
It was a tragic and sudden death.
--Karen Harris (2009)
--Craig Hiler (oct 7th 2010)
--Robert Morrison (2005 about)
had a heart attack and died in his sleep on new years eve of 2005 i think.
--Tim Scannell
Died in snowmobile accident.

--William (Bill) Buffa ( Feb 10, 2006)
Tragic and unexpected death
--Anthony Curtis (July 7, 2008)
He tragically drown while boating on Walled Lake. Memorials to Tony Roger Curtis Education Fund c/o Charlene Wagner. www.lynchfuneraldirectors.com
--Jeff Kattouah

--Brad Coleman (1985)
Brad was killed in a ORV accident when it flipped over.
--Eric Daviskiba (approx 1990 or 1991)
--Brad Saarinen (not sure)

--Cheri Brock (1992)
Car accident
--Jimmy Capiccioni (2007)
much loved, and missed
--Jason Gross (2006)
--Thomas 'Jason' Gross (2006)
--Mike Pacitti (May, 2010)
God Speed, Mike.
--Jeffrey Pike (1991)
Car accident
--Larry Scott Troyanek (1991)

--Angela Caizza (1993)
--Kirk DeRoche (September, 2012)
--Sara Pantke (1991)
She will be missed!
--Bryan Posner (2006)
--Anne Wentzel (2003)

--Justin Beaton (Unsure)
I am not sure when Justin passed away...2003 ish maybe...I could be wrong. If I remember correctly he died in a house fire.
--Danielle Morrison (November 7, 2004)
Car accident
--Jennifer Pettibone (2002)
AVM http://www.cityofwixom.com/Documents/Agendas_Minutes/2002minutes/Minutes%2011-26-021.pdf
--Heidi Stewart (2008)
--Mark Stout (1994)
I believe he passed away in August.
--Larry Thompson (5/8/2011)
He was such an amazing man!!! He will always be in our hearts and will forever be missed!
--Jeremy Whitten (1998)
greatly loved and missed. Passed away waiting for a heart transplant due to congestive heart failure

--Duane Dreasky (July 10, 2006)
Died of injuries sustained in Iraq. See Detriot News articles: http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060712/METRO/607120402 and also: http://detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060630/METRO/606300359
--Art 'Artie' Schuetzler (February 21, 2003)
He is missed

--Joseph (Joey) Crippen (1994)
Joey was such a great brother and friend, he was a bit crazy at times, but was always there for anyone who needed him. He is still greatly missed and its hard to believe how much time has passed since that fatal accident. He will always be alive in my heart. God Bless Him.
--Shannon Sturgeon (1993)
automobile accident in August,1993

--Heather Laycox (Feb 2005?)
--Sheryl Schnueringer (1/2007)
cancer was the cause and she will be highly missed by all who knew her.

--Danielle Dulcet (July 14, 2007)
Complications from Diabetes
--Jill Hassel (January 27, 1993)
Natural causes (passed in sleep)
--Dave Korpus (4/2007)
--Jennifer McMaster (July 23, 2012)
--John Morriarty
--Matthew Neville (10-14-05)
Matthew died from carbon monoxide poisoning
--Jason Yates (between95-97 I think)
--Jason T. Yates (May 29, 1997)
Dearly missed!

--Kevin Wilson (09-21-2007)
Kevin was killed at work by the machine that he was working on. He was very loved by all who knew him.

--A J Escobar (5/1/2007)
AJ was home on leave from his Army tour of Iraq and was in a serious car accident on Saturday, April 28th,2007. Unfortunately his injuries were too serious and he passed on the evening of May 1st while surrounded by family.
--Michael Hunter (2001?)
--Sarah Manning (2006?)
--Jamie Marley (12-6-12)
She was always such a strong women!!! She will be missed!!!
--Jaimie Marley (2013)

--Shawn Alley (2010)
--Valerie Etts (16 Mar 2006)
--Chester W. Hartley (Nov 21, 1992)
--Ryan Oren (Oct. 17, 1999)
--Valerie Petts (16 Mar 2006)

--Kelly Cockerham (28 Jan 2000)
--Schree DeWeese (8-14-1999)
Loving sister and friend to many! Miss you always sissy love your little sis
--Gerald Hargan (2012)
--Steven Kuchuk (6/01/2011)
Steven Raymond Kuchuk, age 30, of Drummond Island, Michigan, died in an ATV accident on Wednesday, June 1, 2011.
--Julia Ringholz (10/15/2006)
--Kevin Wilson (2007)
Kevin died in a tragic accident at work Sept 21, 2007 http://hometownlife.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070927/NEWS19/709270710/1036

--Andrew Berndt (2013)
--Naomi Gray (Sept 5 1999)
Was Killed by a drunk driver. She is missed!
--Jessica Olsen (2000)
fell asleep at the wheel; collided with the railroad trestle in downtown Milford just weeks after graduation. Missed by numerous friends.

--Susan Young (August 21, 2001)
Tragic death. We miss you Suzzie
--Keith Young (April 2006)

--Brandon Bomya (August 25, 2005)
Cause of death is unknown but he had seizure activity while fishing up north and fell off the boat and "drowned"
--Edward (Eddie) Semaan (February 8,2008)
Died in a shooting incident
--Kevin Spence (11-11-2007)

2002 Student
--Joel Petsch (March 1st, 2003)
Died from Car Accident - Saginaw, Mi? (Also killed in Accident Lauren Wilmot Class of 2002, as well.)
--Lauren Wilmot (2003)
Died from Car Accident - Saginaw, Mi? (Also killed in Accident Joel Petsch Class of 2002, as well.)

--Melissa Osborne (2011)
Will be greatly missed.. <3
--Billy Rakowski (2004)
Cancer Devil. Died about two weeks before graduation. But hasd his own a week or so before he died.
--Brad Robertson (7-12-09)
Brad graduated from Grand Valley State University in May of 2009 He loved life and will be missed by those who loved him

--Anthony Booms (March 20, 2013)
--Corey McCourt (2013)
--Bradley McKnight (January 31, 2008)
--Matthew Pritchett (July 20, 2009)

--Justin Hussin (2009)
Tragic death involving students from Walled Lake Northern, two weeks before leaving for College. He will be forever loved and missed.

--Ken Walters (09/1972)
Kenny and Lester Fleming were in a auto accident on maple rd, Kenny lost his life,

--Russell 'Butch' Ryan (2012 or 2013)
lived in Pleasant Lake Sub Awesome guy Not sure how he passed. His mom was a long time employee at Fitzgeralds Hardware

--SUSAN WILT (2010)

--Lynn Clark (between 89-91?)
Died in a bad car accident on Bensteen rd

class of 1984
--Jimmy Coutu (2010)
Motorcycle Accident in FL January 2010

class of 2009
--Justin Hussin (June or July 09)
Justin was murdered- brutal attack/ severe head trama. He had a brother within a year of his age. Very popular kid. Lived in Wixom.

--Joeseph Malonis (April 2010)
Great Counselor and friend to all.

Secretary Main Offic
--Mary jo Uhazie (1991)
Loved By All Died after a long battle with Cancer

sometime in late 70s
--LINDA LINKHORN (died in 1987)
She was murdered in 1987 leavining behind her one and only child Alicia m.Parker.

--Gretta M Anderson (August 12, 2009)
Memorials to the Children's Collection at the Walled Lake Library appreciated.
--Rose 'Poey' Bridges (July 28, 2009)
Mrs Bridges taught at Decker Elementary & West Maple...maybe some of you had her for a teacher.
--Fritz Chamberlain
He taught in the early 70's. He may have also been known as Fred. He taught Industrial Arts.
--Helmut Holland Moritz (04-23-2010)
Hap was one of the greatest musicians ever. He was such great fun to have as a teacher. I have missed him over the years. God-Speed
--Edward Roselle (March 8, 2007)
Lived in Tuscon AZ. Died in a hiking accident at the age of 70. See more at-- http://www.kvoa.com/Global/story.asp?S=6202909 Memorial contributions can be made payable to Huron-Clinton Metroparks Fund and mailed to The Ed Roselle Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 41, Walled Lake, MI 48390. The donations will help fund a project at the Kensington Farm Center.
--John Shadford
He started teaching at Western in the early 70's. He taught Social Studies.
--Gerald Shelata
He was a teacher that started at Western in 1969-70. He taught Business classes.
--Dean Smith (1989)
Mr. Smith had a heart attack. He died during the summer of 1989.
--Bernard (Bernie) Stafford (March 10, 1983)
"Coach" to many students. He was a P.E. teacher and Track coach for many years. He is fondly thought of by all who knew him.
--Mr. Art Stokus

Teacher @ WLW
--Gordon 'Gordy' Nester (08/10/1931 1/13/2011)
Mr. Nester was a earth science @ Walled Lake Western! He was a great teacher and nice guy! RIP Gordy

Walled lk Western
--Michael Downing (August 2010)

WLW 1980?
--Sherry White (July 2013)

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