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About Alumz

Who are you?

I'm Mark Connell. I'm a technology entrepreneur and I've been involved with many internet ventures involving artificial intelligence, virtual reality, travel, healthcare, and search engines.

Oh.. and here is my Alumz Bio

Here is a good article about Alumz.

Why do you build free Alumni, Family Reunion and Company Reunion sites?

I built the original site was for my high school because I didn't think people should have to give their money to sites just to get an email address of an old friend. It just didn't seem right. So I built the original site for my high school so we could build our own community.

And it worked.

People responded to it immediately and the community grew. Now it is the best place to get contact information for our entire community and has brought a lot of people back together. No where else, including Classmates.com, has the information that you can find on the Ringgold site.

What makes Alumz.com sites worthwhile?

About 80% of the people on the sites fill out their bios.. and they aren't just pick from a menu bios. Everyone tells their own story and reading their bios and stories is a great way to catch up with old friends.

Why do you build sites for other schools?

Once I had the Ringgold site going, it was easy to modify it to handle other sites. The sites run themselves and thrive from the involvement from the school's community. It's the people that build the real value of the site. I just furnish the technology to make it easy. It's just fun to know I'm giving something back.

I really believe that this service shouldn't be controlled by a company that everyone has to pay.

Can you use it for other types of sites like family renuion or company alumni?

Yes, it works great for family reunion sites and company alumni sites. Just let me know and I'll set one up for you.

Is it really all free?

Yep, it's free. The bottom line is that it doesn't cost me anything to setup sites for other groups. It takes a bit of time but that's minimal compared to what it would cost for most groups to create a similar site.

So all you have to do is send me an email telling me about your group and I'll setup a site for you.

People ask me if it is going to stay free and IT IS. I have some modest advertising to help pay the server costs because large traffic brings large hosting bills and I'm using the money to advertise the site to bring more people here, but I'm not going to charge for people to get emails, post on the message/memory board, and read bios and all of the stuff you can do now.

The technology is available and proven. Each local community is tasked with letting their group know about it. I'll handle the technology, and you can build the community. I'll certainly help with building the community as well. And it's really easy once the group starts growing.

I know it can work because it's worked great for my high school and it can work for yours.

Why did you put ads on the site?

The site is more valuable to everyone if more people are on it. To get more people to come, I am advertising to let people know about the site. It costs money to adverstise and to host the servers, so I put advertising on the site to pay for it.




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