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Possium Hollow and the stackable picnic tables
By: Jeff Makowkse
Thought I would put this one out there...
Set the scene... Senior Year, early spring thaw... Did someone say "Skip Day"
We run to Possium Hollow and no rangers in the booth... must be to early for them to come out of hibernation. So we setup by the baseball diamond. Beer, Smoke, suntan lotion, you know.
We are looking for some tables to sit at and low and behold all of the tables for the whole park are stacked up in the field accross the road. Bob Zabbits leads the charge to build a pyramid of picnic tables... now these things are heavy, real heavy. But at 18 in the spring, you have alot of energy.
Up they go one at a time.. must have been 10 tables on the bottom and maybe 7 table high. We finally drag the last table to the top of the stack .... drink a beer overlooking our accomblishment and along comes ranger rick... man he is pissed... I have never heard a ranger swear before ... but we didnt build it .... it was just here. Take it down ??? , You got to be kidding.

We are pretty exhausted at this point so the first table slips... crash ... kindling. We are out of here....

I always wondered how they got the rest down. maybe a crain.