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Walled Lake Western High School - Stories

By: Claudia Copenhaver
It was 6th hour and I had stagecraft with Zerban and Stokus,Stokus told me to hammer a nail but no-one put any protection on the floor of the stage. I tried to tell him but he (Stokus) kept telling me it would be okay..So I did and I nailed the scenry to the floor..so when Stokus went to pick up the scenry it wouldn't separate from the floor.. He called Zerban and for almost an hour they tried to remove the scenry or nail from the stage and it wouldn't let go.. they finally got it and Zerban was pissed and asked who did this ? everyone said I don't know I hid in the bathroom so you can actually say I was the first person to put a hole in the stage at Western A couple of years ago I confessed to Jackie Plas and all she could do was laugh.